"Why doesn’t the name on your watermark match the artist’s credits in the description?"

No, I’m not stealing art from “Sandra Glenn”… I am Sandra… The watermark / Artist Credit discrepancies is for a couple reasons. Simplified, those reasons are:

1. I’m legally changing my first and middle names (hence Anna)
2. I’m getting married (hence Beylenn)
3. I’m still working on switching everything over, but I’m lazy and that’s a LOT of art so it’ll take a while. For now, though, the correct information is in the Image descriptions.

I’m still stuck using my mouse to do art (which is a terrible idea, really) but watching these conceptcookie livestreams each week has done me a lot of good… Because holy cow…That’s some massive improvement. I am impressed with myself.

The right one is what my shading usually looks like- which I always feel is so flat, and you can really see it on my blog. The left one, though, is the same one with the lineart cleaned up, but also using some of the techniques I’ve learned from the livestreams I’ve been watching over the last couple weeks. The middle is the reference used.

Art copyright Anna Beylenn of Simfonia Designs2014

I did this character / princess generator thing and got this for my character concept:

Type: Tribal
Setting: coast
Character Traits: Adventurous but Impulsive
Weapon: Scimitar
Additional Item: Royal Crown
Companion: Spirit/ Ghost

Which sounds really bad ass and I want to draw it. Using my own appearance thing, I got the following basic appearance items to go with it:

Skin: Cream
Eyes: Blind
Hair: Red
Features: Curvy; Almond Eyes; Square Jaw

And now all I want to do is draw a sexy badass (maybe Ire-scott) lady in furs, jewelry made of sea glass and shells, with a crown of bones sitting on a throne of driftwood, reaper looking over her shoulder, coastal beach and ocean in the background, leg propped up on a giant ass glass jar or cauldron filled with souls of the dead.


"Character Appearance in a snap"

It’s always hard for me to come up with basic appearances for characters and I find myself defaulting a lot to “black hair blue eyes” I want to branch out of that and the character creator thing I did earlier gave me an idea.

So to use, basically click and drag the image to the side to see what you got (duh!); If you land of the “Heteochromia Iridium’ option, drag the eye color one twice more to see what two colors the eyes would be; drag the features picture as many times as you want since it contains body size, facial features, eye shape, etc.

Don’t remove my description or repost without permission please. Have fun. 

So my hard drive in my laptop died today. I lost all the work I’d done on my submission for vampireartbook. Thankfully I did a traditional sketch first, so I didn’t lose everything completely… I still have the sketch, but just not the finalized digital lineart because I never backed up the file on my external like I should have.

Hoping to find someone who can do data recovery locally without costing me an arm and a leg to pull the files. Doubt I’ll get that lucky, though.

A friend is sending me an old tablet they never use anymore so I’ll be able to work from desktop again finally. Thank the Gods I have until September to get the submission finished and in to the lead artist, though. This just puts a damper in the two other submissions I was going to do as well as the art trade I was supposed to do… Not to mention all of the other art I lost that I hadn’t backed up yer, too.