It all started out as a quick piece on my Kindle inspired by a cutscene in Destiny where an Exo female calls your Ghost “Little Light”. I’m not sure why, but I just found that scene kind of adorable.

I have spent an almost ridiculous amount of time on this fanart piece. And the sheer number of guidelines I had to use. Oh my Gods. It was ridiculous… I couldn’t resist fixing it and doing it right in photoshop after being so proud of a crappy speedpaint on a tablet, though…. And it was worth it. I’m about a thousand times more proud of myself. I really got to see all of the stuff I’ve been learning from the conceptcookie livestreams come together and it blows my mind how much I’ve learned in only a few months.

Both are on RedBubble. You can get the Blue here, and the Orange here.

Art copyright Anna Beylenn of Simfonia Designs2013